Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet Oliver, the Pirate Monkey

Ahoy, there! A long, long time ago, before he came to live on my desk, Oliver was the property of a traveling popcorn salesman. When I first spotted him at a conference in Dallas, the look on his face compelled me to save him from his buttery fate. Grateful to be relieved of the smells of popped corn and butter, Oliver gladly took up the post of guarding my desk at the Library.

It's best to not get into the long boring story of how he became a Pirate Monkey. But let's just say that thanks are owed to the Storytime Room and the kind person who gifted me with the coffee cup that now functions as Oliver's boat.

The important thing is that Oliver is now a pirate monkey and he's pretty excited about all the adventures he'll be a part of this summer.

We promise to keep you all posted. . . who knows, there might even be pictures! :)


  1. Cute! Looking forward to pictures and more stories. :-)

  2. I NEED to see a bigger photo of Oliver, the Pirate Monkey. He sounds so amazing that I find myself longing for a closeup.