Friday, June 19, 2009

Thing 6: Blog Readers

My first thoughts about Google Reader is that it will make everything easy to view online. Kind of a one-stop way of checking out everything online. As I play more with it and explore, I notice that it does take some time to customize it and make it easier for me to use. Personally I'm not the type of person who can organize her thoughts on a computer screen, much less in a format that I don't have design-control over. I'm more of a pad and pen type of person. But I can see the draws and may even try to use Google Reader to at least try to keep up with the blogs that I'm following while completing 23 Things and after that I might use it to follow local and national news feeds.

Thing 5: Image Generators

I decided to experiment with the Comic Strip Generator site. I've never actually used an image generator before. It was pretty easy to actually pick out a comic and then edit it. The only thing I had some difficulty with was figuring out how to share my image with other, but as you can see below with enough work on it I got it! I would think this could be a big draw for anyone wanting to edit their fav cartoon or image to be customized specifically for them.

Overall, this was a fun thing to play with. Maybe I'll play around with Big Huge Labs and come up with my very own demotivator. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing 4: More Flickr

A KMcElman_090516_A2 copy R G Graffiti exclamation

.......Oliver somehow beat me to the keyboard. I think it looks pretty great.

Overall, this mashup was pretty cool and easy to use. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to link it back to this blog, but as you can see.....even I can figure it out.

I think I'm going to try another one real quick, this is pretty neat and easy, I'm excited to discover a new toy!

Thing 3: Flickr

So I already have a Flickr account. I moved all my photos over when Yahoo! Photos ceased to exist. I usually will post pics of vacations, but will limit them to friends and family since you never know who is looking at your stuff.

Recently we went to go visit my family in south Texas, Oliver and I. Oh yeah, my husband was there, too. ;) I always have my camera handy and took some pics of my fav monkey pirate to help pass the time on the very long drive.

All the pics were uploaded to Flickr using their website. On my other computer I installed the easy uploader, but have yet to do so on my laptop.
As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had some issues getting some pics changed over to private but eventually figured it out. So far, this has been the only issue I've encountered with Flickr.

All in all, it's a pretty fabulous photo-sharing site and I love that it doesn't all that much each year to renew my subscription. Plus, photos are really cheap when you send them to Target which comes in really handy.

Here's the link to my Photostream.....enjoy the picks of my adventurous pirate monkey!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flickr difficulties

I was all set to work on Thing 3 tonight, but for some reason Flickr is not registering some privacy settings on some photos in my account. I am going to attempt to get this resolved with them, since I do pay for yearly membership. As soon as it's all straightened out I will include the link to my photostream and you all can enjoy the rest of Oliver's shots from his trip to the Valley.

Road Trip: Success!

Well, I know we've been back in town for a while, but let me just say that preparing for Summer Reading Club is INSANELY time consuming! And I'm not even technically a youth staff member. But I will be co-coordinating our YA Book Club this summer....I just have to say that it will be awesome. :)

Anyway, Oliver survived his first trip out of the DFW area as Pirate Monkey. I think I will post a couple of my personal favs and then will include my photo set from Flickr when I talk about Thing 3.

So enjoy!

Oliver camped out on the dash the morning we left San Antonio to continue further south. You'll notice he stil has his hook. The boat got ditched as soon as he realized we would be surrounded by dirt and mesquite trees.

Oliver getting acquainted with the local livestock from a safe distance.....behind my father's pickup truck. We no longer own cattle, but our neighbors out there sure do....curious bunch, they are. As you will see, he no longer has the hook. After the hook sustained damage outside of San Antonio, I decided that I did not want to invest in repairs for it. Oliver took it as a sign that his confidence is growing, but assured me the eye patch and bandana would never leave his head.....would totally kill the pirate monkey image if they did.