Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thing 12: Twitter

I did it! I'm finally now on Twitter. A while back my husband joined and some members of his family, too. They all asked why I didn't have one and I told them I would only create an account when I finaly got to this particular Thing on 23 Things.

My initial thoughts on Twitter (upon first hearing about it a while back) were "What's the point? Will I be able to keep up with it?" But now that I've seen it in action at my house, I feel confident that it is low maintenence and can actually be a new fun way of keeping up with online interests and friends.

For those of you interested in following me (not Oliver) on Twitter, my user name is AggieLily. And just so you know it's the same person posting on Twitter as here, I've put Oliver up as my Twitter ID photo. :)

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