Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thing 9: More Facebook

Okay, I just realized as I was completing the tasks listed for this thing that I have not revealed my name, so those following along will not know for sure that I have updated my status as requested. So, if I need to remedy this, just let me know.

Another task listed was to join three groups and then list them for all to see....over the years I've joined many groups, but just for this occassion have joined a couple more. Here is a list of three that I'm a member of:
  • Aggie Football
  • UNT-SLIS Unite!
  • Celebrate Your Freedom to Read! Banned Books Week
In response to the last part of the Thing posting, yes I have been surprised a lot lately by old high school friends contacting me (or "friending" me) out of the blue on Facebook. I have not actively looked for new people in a long long time and that is due to my lack of activity on Facebook recently.

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