Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thing 19: Google Docs

I really think I don't use Google Docs enough. I really love how they make it possible to save your information in a variety of formats. I am delighted that there is another resource out there that people can create Microsoft Office quality work on a free platform. At home, my husband and I use Open Office. I personally prefer some of its features to those in MS Office. I think that Google Docs is a great resource that allows someone who is away from their personal computer to work on a document, presentation, etc. and be able to save it online without having to email it to themselves or worry about saving it to a disk drive.

Also, as I was scanning the blog, I noticed that Google Docs admins were taking feedback from users and finding ways to implement the ideas. I think that is a very cool thing. Something I don't really get to see a lot of with online resources.

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