Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing 22: 23 Things at My Library

From my library, four staff members that I know of participated in this program. I think the concept of a 23 Things project is wonderful and can help increase so much staff awareness of what the public is viewing in our building (and out of it, too). I think this program, with some tweaks and changes to some of the things would be a great training tool at my library. I see it as a great staff development project that will help people be more comfortable assisting the public at our internet stations.

I'd like to go a step further and throw this idea out there: wouldn't it be great if public libraries could somehow get a community-wide 23 Things going on as a way for parents to know what their teens are doing online, as a way for teens to find new fun social networking sites, as a way for non-computer literate patrons to know what possibilities are out there as a way of keeping in touch with long lost friends and relatives?

I think it'd be worth looking into. . . .perhaps in a long while. . . after staff members have had an opportunity to explore and grow comfortable with these 23 Things.


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