Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing 21: Podcasts

Since I have started to work more closely with teens at my library, I decided to listen to a couple of teen-oriented podcasts. The first one was a public library podcast featuring a teen reading her 3rd place winning short story from a contest the library held. I thought the audio quality was good, she was careful in her reading and I thought it came across very well. I did not see a way to subscribe to this library's podcast, but I personally would not if the opportunity presented itself. I think if I was a patron interested in what activities and events were going on, then I would definitely subscribe in order to keep in touch with what is going on. The second podcast I listened to a speaker from InfoPeople talk about teens and poetry. The audio quality was excellent. I think if I had more time to listen to podcasts, I might possibly subscribe to this one.

I think some podcasts might be of interest or use to our patrons. Although we have a lot going on in the line of programming, I think at this point we don't have quite enough to qualify starting a podcast. We've recently started a Twitter, and I think that is currently grabbing the attention of a pretty large audience. The only downside to podcasting is finding the time to listen to them and download them.

Out of curiosity, I decided to search iTunes for public library podcasts. I was surprised at the results that came back. And I noted that a great majority of them were targeting teens or created by teen groups at public libraries. This is a subject that might need to be brought up to our teens to gauge their interest in podcasting to see if it would be something we might want to explore.

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