Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing 23: Reflection

Woo! Last Thing!!

This has truly been an interesting experience. I learned that I have a hard time randomly blogging about each thing and had to truly stop and think about what I wanted to say about each thing. When I started this project, a friend said blogging gets easier the more you do it. . . .I think it'll just be one of those things I'll always struggle with.

I think my favorite thing had to be finally getting on Twitter. I think that if I use it more and more, it'll help me develop my blogging skills. :) My least favorite was RSS feeds. I still think they're a great idea, just truly not for me. I'd rather have hard copies of items or go to each site I want to view. I think I just get way overwhelmed at the amount of information provided.

I think I did learn a lot about many of the things. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our library has already started a Twitter. I think as we become more aware of what our patrons view in their leisure time that we may explore other online methods of getting our information out to them.

Overall, I'm so glad I participated in this project and feel like I've learned so much about the different Web 2.0 resources available out there. :)

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